syyskuu 2022


Kuvasimme eilen illalla hetken, mutta hieman liian myöhään. Paikalla oli jo nimittäin vähintään tuhat hyttystä. Täällä on nyt viikonloppuna musiikkifestivaali, mutta minulla ei eilen ollut energiaa lähteä sinne. Tänään on tapahtuman viimeinen ilta, mutta en tiedä olenko tänäänkään menossa. Katsotaan. Ehkä menemme vain päivällä rannalle ottamaan aurinkoa ja teen illasta töitä kotona.

Kivaa lauantaita!

// We took pictures last night for a while, but a little too late. There were already at least a thousand mosquitoes. There’s a music festival here this weekend, but I didn’t have the energy to go there yesterday. Today is the last night of the event, but I don’t know if I’m going today either. Let’s see. Maybe we’ll just go to the beach during the day to sunbathe and I’ll work at home in the evening.

Have a nice Saturday!

En muista, koska kesä alkoi. Jotenkin koko kesä menee yleensä ennen kuin ehtii edes alkaa. Olin vielä kesäkuussa pari viikkoa Egyptissä, jonka jälkeen Suomessa pari viikkoa, sitten Saksaan, sieltä suoraan Kreikkaan ja siitä hetkeksi Suomeen, jonka jälkeen Espanjaan. Sitten taas hetki Suomessa ja sieltä Egyptiin. En tosiaan tainnut kauaa pysyä paikoillani, kuten en yleensäkään. Kuvat kertokoot enemmän kuin sanat.

// I don’t remember when summer started. Somehow the whole summer usually goes by before it even starts. I was still in June for a couple of weeks in Egypt, then in Finland for a couple of weeks, then to Germany, from there directly to Greece and from there to Finland for a while, then to Spain. Then again for a while in Finland and from there to Egypt. I really didn’t seem to stay in one place for long, as I usually don’t. Pictures tell more than words.

Auringonlasku Kreikassa
Esperos Village Blue & Spa Rodoksella
Rattan Rodos
Yksi tällainen, kiitos.
Rodoksella snorklaamassa (Pohjaan jäi vain yhdet uimalasit)

Olimme ystäväni kanssa kesällä Rodoksella. Ensimmäinen kertani siellä ja kokemus oli oikein hauska. Siellä missä aurinko, siellä minä. Ja pitääpä muuten suositella hotellia siellä, nimeltään Esperos Village Blue & Spa.

// My friend and I were in Rhodes in the summer. My first time there and the experience was really fun. Where the sun is, there I am. And by the way, I have to recommend the hotel there, called Esperos Village blue & Spa.

The weekend started here already yesterday, Friday and Saturday are holidays. I still like the habit of starting the weekend only on Friday and today after waking up I started cleaning. I put the sheets in the machine, we looked at the extra clothes and things that it was time to go and I cleaned in general. It’s better to start the weekend in a clean home.

After that, I sat on the computer and took care of a cat-related call. I’m proud of myself, because a few years ago I was terrified if I had to do a lot of things on the phone in English, but nowadays it doesn’t really matter. At some point, I should make a lunch and go take pictures in the evening.

I work usually at home and my days are long. I don’t really have a days off, because if I take a complete day off, I easily fall into such a drifting state and it takes time to get up to speed again. I prefer to take a break the middle of the day, but I still work 7 days a week. I like the fact that work rhythms my days and then when I’m free, I’m really free.

I dream of going to nearby cafes with my laptop, but somehow I usually don’t get it done. I instead lounge in comfortable/uncomfortable positions on the couch with the laptop and think that I should probably get a workstation at home. I have an office chair that I have used at the kitchen table, but for some reason I can’t to look at a big office chair that is completely unsuitable for the rest of the furniture. 

For me the equipment and hobby equipment have to be good or else it’s not that meaningful. Up until now, I have photographed (when I take pictures myself) with an iPhone 13 pro, but now I am looking for a good camera that is also suitable for shooting videos. I need it for my work, but maybe I’ll also be passionate about shooting lifestyle videos.

Have a nice week yah!

Here is my dog Lake<3

Here i am! The trip went surprisingly well. The travel time from the moment I leave home in Egypt to the moment I’m in Lahti is 17 hours. It’s just so beautiful outside and it’s wonderful to breathe fresh air. I’m ready for the autumn!

I’ve had time to sit in my favorite cafe, Espresso House (first at the airport when I was waiting for the train and at this moment in Lahti when i’m writing this). Chai Latte? I may be hooked.

Today plan is a sitting on a laptop, go to the bank and walk around the shopping center for a while. I would also need woolfabric jacket and I thought to look for some inspiration for that. Beige, gray and black?

Today can’t be anything else than a good day, because it’s Friday and the sun is shining outside. Have a lovely weekend!