No one has succeeded without desire, belief and the right mindset. Success never happens by accident or by trying to hide from life as best you can. Success is scary because it takes courage.

Few people are completely brave and self-confident after childhood. Even if you’re insecure, confused, and afraid of the world seeing you, you’re not alone. Almost all successful people have to learn self-confidence. And without self-belief, nothing very significant usually happens.

You need a desire to succeed. You need to realize that desire. It takes determination, confidence and the ability to withstand uncertainty. Strong, focused thoughts are needed. And change is always scary, that’s for sure.

There’s a part of you that doesn’t want to let you change. That part likes safe. And what happens when you decide to make a change? That part of you gets angry and maybe attacks you furiously. It tries to discourage you with insecurities and fears.

Because of this, the biggest battle is always within you. Don’t give that little monster a chance to win. Make a change, even if it makes you freeze in fear.

From success to wealth

Getting rich sounds great. One that is nice to dream about. But not too serious, so that you don’t get disappointed when your dreams didn’t come true.

Dreaming about winning the lottery is safe, because the chance of winning is small. But is getting rich really a lottery? Is not. The formula for prosperity is simple, but requires inner work from those who learn it only after they have already programmed themselves in other ways of thinking and acting.

The formula is mathematically precise, but success requires faith, half-hearted attempts don’t work. Focused thought control requires hard work and is also the reason why many fail. Years of thought habits are not changed just like one night.

Almost everyone dreams of getting rich. However, not everyone gets rich. Mere desire is not enough. Just wanting to learn to drive a car is not enough, you need practice and often someone who tells you how to get started. Some have been dealt better cards than others in this matter, but getting rich is still possible for everyone – but not without the right methods.

You need a desire to get rich. Thoughts are needed that support the desire. Decisions and the ability to stick to decisions are needed. Actions are needed. The right way of acting and thinking is needed. Just dreaming is not enough.

Everyone who has created their own wealth has had to learn the psychology of wealth, at least to some extent. No one gets rich just by wasting money and thinking that they are bad, stupid and worthless. To get rich, you need self-esteem above all. If you doubt there are other kinds of people – yes there are.

Prosperity, like everything else, always starts with an idea. The idea that I want to get rich and the ability to believe in the possibility of it at least to some extent. The next step is to want it enough. You need a desire that makes you ready to change things. And that’s where the journey just begins.